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International Student Organization Releases "A Taste from Home"

April 27, 2021

Food Fest is one of ISO's and the Yote Community's biggest events of the year where the Yotes get together to share a taste of the world on a plate. For those who experienced an in-person Food Fest before, y'all know how nice it is to walk into Simplot South, get in the queue and have a random chat about the weather before assembling your tasty global dish. However, of course, due to COVID-19, ISO was unable to offer you exactly that this year.

Although we live in a pandemic, ISO has yet again set the standard for versatility and creativity by bringing you this beautiful Cookbook that is made with love by your fellow international Yotes. While we usually go off during the ISO Cultural Show, exhibiting our pride in our cultures, we also like to bring colour and vibrance this time with the spices, flavours, and good food we recommend you try in this Cookbook. Not only that, but if you head towards the end of this Cookbook, you'll also find a "Food Fest Specials" section. In this section, all you need to do is scan the code on each page and the scans will take you to YouTube videos of our own international students cooking the recipes you have in that section of the book. These videos were recorded by the ISO Film Crew or self-recorded by our fellow international Yotes so you can follow along while they cook the recipes.

From managing to put out a fascinating Cultural Show to pulling off another main event like Food Fest in the middle of a global pandemic, I am fascinated by the versatility and determination that our ISO community has represented this academic year. To all students who submitted recipes and/or took part in being filmed for Food Fest this year, thank you! As well, thank you to our Marketing and Events Coordinator, Ryan Wilson, for putting in the time to digitally assemble this Cookbook for all of us to enjoy.

Always yours,
Jad Jabareen
ISO President