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In the News

November 9, 2021
Ali Rabe '10
  • Ali Rabe '10, who also serves on the College's board of trustees, is resigning her seat in the Idaho State Senate. But she isn't giving up the Idaho political scene. She's giving up her seat now but will run again next fall, in a new district, in the hopes of continuing to serve the state. (Idaho Press)
Hispanic Youth Leadership Symposium
  • Students at Boise's Hispanic Youth Leadership Summit were given scholarship pledges totaling nearly $5 million last month. It was part of a tour of Hispanic Youth Leadership events by Arnoldo Hernandez and the College's admissions team that included stops in Twin Falls and Pocatello, where qualified students were presented scholarship pledges. In all, roughly $8 million in pledges were offered at these events. Both KIVI-TV and KTVB-TV covered the news.
  • Despite the College's record enrollment and strong freshman class, state-wide "Go-On" rates for high school seniors dropped again last year. Brian Bava, the College's Vice President of Enrollment Management, offered some thoughts on the topic. (KIVI-TV)
  • McKay Cunningham, the College's director on-campus experiential learning who is also an experienced law instructor, was asked legal questions about the friction between Idaho Governor Brad Little and Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin. (KTVB-TV)
  • The College is fortunate to have some of the brightest minds in the region in its community. Students, faculty, and staff. That includes people like Jan Summers Duffy of the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History. (KIVI TV)
  • Omotayo Akingba, a senior international student who was born in Nigeria, shared his experiences in Idaho and at the College for all to read. (Study International)
  • Oscar Reyes-Sanchez, a current student and former football player, is getting a jump on his post-academic career, accepting a job with TitleOne (Idaho Press)