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The Parent Council would like to welcome new and returning students and their families to The College of Idaho. The Parent Council is made up of parents of past and present students, and some are even alumni of The College. There is a combination of local parents as well as out-of-town parents. Council members have kids with different areas of interest and are involved in many different activities at The College. The Parent Council is available to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns that parents might have about sending their child to college. Based on our own experiences, we can offer feedback based on what worked, what did not, and things we wish we would have known. Parents have insight on a range of areas, including dorm needs, campus safety, or even where to get a car fixed.  The Council is available as a resource for families. We also help bridge communication between administration and families. We hope to make the transition to college seamless for your student and your family. We know that both students and families will enjoy their time at The College of Idaho. Please follow the YoteFam Parents page on Facebook for updates and advice from other members of the Yote community.

Welcome to the Yote Family!

Darin & Barb Osterhout
Lead Parent Council Members


Parent Council Members

Laura Aquino
Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID
Child(ren): Maria ('25)

Jenni Carrier
Hometown: Meridian, ID
Child(ren): Maddie ('25)

Mark & Jodee Nassir
Hometown: Boise, ID
Child(ren): Jackson ('25)

Darin & Barb Osterhout
Hometown: Garden City, ID
Child(ren): Luke ('25)

Yliana Villegas

Danielle Saindon
Hometown: Caldwell, ID
Child(ren): Faith ('26)

Trina Sego
Child(ren): Saumya ('26)

Shikhar Sarin

Kurt & Teri Thaemert
Hometown: Boise, ID
Child(ren): Gauge ('25)

Darreld & Jennifer Hutchins
Hometown: Camas, WA
Child(ren): Amanda ('26)

Parent Council Expectations

The College of Idaho Parent Council is comprised of 18-20 dedicated parent volunteers.  Our purpose is to support an inclusive, welcoming community for all students, parents, and families at the College of Idaho.  Our goal is to have the Parent Council reflect the tremendous diversity of the Yote student body.    

            Parent Council Expectations:

  • Serve a one-year renewable term (Council members typically serve until their student graduates)
  • Attend the fall and spring campus meetings either virtually or in-person
  • Participate in informal virtual meetings as-needed to become acquainted with one another, plan, and discuss topics related to The College of Idaho
  • Be involved in virtual meetings with Yote families throughout the year to build community and discuss relevant topics

             What does a Parent Council member do?

  • Future Yote Outreach
  • Student Career Support
    • Promote or provide opportunities in successful, high-impact activities such as internships, job shadowing, employment, and other educational experiences
  • Parent Engagement
    • Plan, promote, and participate in parent engagement opportunities such as Parent Council meetings, Family Weekend, and move-in day
    • Broaden and deepen relationships to support College initiatives
  • Communication
  • Donate
    • Council members may choose to make a financial contribution at a level that is comfortable for their family

Most importantly, Parent Council members build relationships to welcome, engage, embrace, and support others in the C of I community and serve as powerful ambassadors for The College of Idaho.

Welcome New Parents!

At The College of Idaho, we are an inclusive community of exceptional learning. In this video, members of the College's Parent Council talk about their experiences as parents of students at The College of Idaho.