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Operating Hours

The planetarium doesn't have regular visiting hours; instead we offer monthly public shows and operate field trips by appointment.  Scheduled field trips need to be booked at least two weeks prior to the visit. Generally, September through May, we schedule these programs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. Late afternoon and evening visits dependent on staff availability. The summer schedule varies.  Please contact Kinga Britschgi for more information.

The only programs that have fixed days and times are our Public Shows. You can purchase your reservation(s) for these programs online.

Upcoming Planetarium Event Dates

Field Trips to the Planetarium

Timeline: All group visits must be finalized two weeks before your visit.

Capacity: Maximum group size of 50 people.

Cost: There is a minimum cost of $60.00 per group. The cost for children’s groups is $3.00 person (including parents, chaperones, and any other adults) above a group count of 20. Therefore, a group of 10 people would cost $60 and a group of 30 people would have a cost of $90.  The charge for adult groups is $6.00/person.

Contact Information: Please schedule your field trip through email by contacting Kinga.

Accessibility Please let Kinga know if you have special needs in the planetarium as we are limited to two designated spaces for wheelchair seating and extra time is needed to enter the planetarium through the platform lift for handicapped access.  The Planetarium has two designated spaces for wheelchair seating.

Ages & Topics

  • We work very hard to meet the needs of your particular group in terms of both topic and show length.
  • The planetarium can be used effectively as tool in a variety of disciplines — science (earth science, astronomy), social studies (history, navigation, cultural topics), and English (storytelling, mythology) — and the program can be adjusted to fit your needs/interests. We usually call you the week before your arrival to learn any particular requests. If you have very specific topics that might require extra planning on our part please contact us as soon as you have scheduled your group.
  • We offer a Nursery Rhyme show for very young students (preschool, 1st and 2nd grade), and suggest a time of about 30 minutes.
  • Other programs can run up to an hour, but that time can be adjusted to fit your schedule (for example, 45-50 minutes, rather than 60 minutes).