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Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries

Education at the college integrates head, heart and hands.  We encourage students, faculty and staff to build a flourishing life that contributes to a more peaceful, just and thriving world.

We support various on campus programming including:

  • Multi-denominational Christian community and activities (with scholarships and internship program).
  • Catholic community and activities in partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Boise (with scholarships and internship program).
  • LDS Institute (weekly meetings and activities).
  • Regular interfaith activities, programs, and student club.
  • An endowed Jewish chair with speakers and programs.
  • Academic minor in Religion and numerous all-campus lectures on faith and culture.

For more information on our faith-based communities on campus, click here or contact Campus Minister Dr. Phil Rogers

Local and International Service

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and volunteers can learn through service on "Potter's Clay" trips. Past service opportunities have included Caldwell and the Treasure Valley, Seattle, San Francisco, and New York.  It has also included hurricane relief in Louisiana and Texas as well as international service in Mexico, Malawi, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and more.

Campus Culture

The College of Idaho is a member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU). We promote a campus environment of unrestricted academic inquiry, free religious expression, and a campus society in which diverse faith perspectives are practiced with dialogue and respect.