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The Associated Students of the College of Idaho (ASCI) is a collection of elected and appointed student government leaders who are responsible for managing the use of student fees, setting policy for all of those areas that are considered Student Activities, providing the framework for a variety of experiential learning opportunities, and serves as a vehicle for student involvement in the governance of the College.

Each position has a distinct job description and list of responsibilities, yet the ultimate goal of all student government leaders is to ensure that campus life at the College of Idaho is vibrant and inclusive. Some of these positions include a modest stipend while other student leaders generously donate their time and energy free of charge. All full-time students who are not on academic probation have the opportunity to run for student office at the designated times if they wish to further serve their campus community.

ASCI President: Drake Kuykendall
ASCI Vice President: Blake Cowman
ASCI Secretary: Amber Tavener
ASCI Treasurer: Hadley Reeves

Contact: [email protected]

Program Council Directors: Shasten Jolley; Gipson Berryhill; Yuma Garcia; Elise Labere

Coyote Editor: Ashley Smith
Trail Editor: Paula Schneider

Advocate Center Director: Kaelah Bakner