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The College of Idaho Outdoor Program provides students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all abilities and experience levels access to outdoor recreation, outdoor education, intermural sports, and campus recreation opportunities that emphasize skill acquisition, leadership development, community and team building, environmental awareness, risk management, stewardship, and adventure.

About the Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program, supported by the ASCI, our student government, is an outdoor recreation and educational program offering classes, workshops, off-campus trips, and outdoor equipment rentals for student and staff recreational use.

Our off-campus trips are designed for everyone who has an interest in the outdoors, no previous experience is required. These trips are student lead, with one or more leaders who have received training and are experienced in the activity, risk management, and first aid, planning,and executing each outing. We are firm supporters of challenge by choice! So, while some of our activities are more challenging, they will have pre-trip meetings and instruction throughout so that anyone willing to try is encouraged to participate! Check out all the scheduled events on the trip calendar for times and dates.

The Outdoor Program also offers Specialization and Outdoor Education courses. This includes workshops and classes in fly fishing, rock climbing, scuba diving, and whitewater kayaking. We welcome suggestions to develop our trip calendar and course offerings further.

We also have equipment available for rent through our Rental Shop, located in Winston and Diane Moore Outdoor Program Center in the basement of McCain, so that everyone at the College may enjoy the outdoors on their own. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome!

Are you interested in contributing to the Outdoor Program? We are always accepting donations of lightly used outdoor equipment.

2023-2024 Outdoor Program / Intramural Staff

  • Camila Flores Rodriguez, Rental Manager & Trip Instructor 
  • Emily Patterson, Logistics Coordinator & Trip Instructor  
  • Amaya DeLaCruz, Trip Instructor  
  • Kelvin Sakyi, Trip Instructor  
  • Ahmad Hammoud, Trip Instructor  
  • Tom Baynard-Smith, Assistant Trip Instructor  
  • Mats Seible, Assistant Trip Instructor  
  • Rakeb Jebessa, Assistant Trip Instructor 
  • Alex Saunders, OP Placed Based Ed Intern & Instructor in Training 
  • Levi Armichardy, Instructor in Training 
  • Grace Sanchez, Instructor in Training 
  • Kim Nguyen, Instructor in Training & Rental Staff
  • Tinotenda Mutumi, OP Rental Staff
  • Moe Iino, OP Rental Staff 
  • Sibu Mahlangu, Intramurals Coordinator