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Procedures & Expectations

Off-Campus Trips & Workshop Sign-Up

The Outdoor Program runs several off-campus trips over the course of each semester. To sign up for any upcoming trips or workshops, come by the Outdoor Program Shop during our office hours. Our knowledgeable staff will inform you of any necessary information you need to provide and collect a deposit to reserve your spot if required. If you find a trip is full, your name will be placed on the waiting list, and you will be notified if a spot becomes available. Take a look at this semester's calendar and come sign up for a trip today!

Please note that individuals can only sign themselves up when sign-ups become available.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Outdoor Program strives to make our trips as available and inclusive as possible by offering scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are offered on a need basis. Interested participants may email the OP Director and Coordinator at [email protected] and [email protected] prior to the trip sign-up. A Scholarship Application is available to all students! Once received, an agreement will be discussed and once approved, the participant may sign up for the trip. 

Liability Waiver Form

The Outdoor Program requires each participant to sign a release form prior to each trip they join. The OP expects participants to act in a safe manner wherein they are not placing themselves or others in harm’s way. Participants on these trips are representing The College of Idaho and are expected to follow the college rules and guidelines including, but not limited to, The College of Idaho's alcohol, drug, and weapons policies. The liability waiver form, which can be downloaded below, must be signed, and returned at the pre-trip meeting.

Pre-Trip Meetings

Pre-Trip Meetings will be scheduled to brief participants before any overnight trip with the Program. At this meeting, we will discuss the associated risks and safety, the meals provided, the necessary equipment, the transportation plan, the trip timeline, and the itinerary. There is a lot of essential information shared, so attendance at this meeting is mandatory; if you cannot attend the pre-trip meeting, you agree to relinquish your spot on the trip.

Refund Deadline

Every trip has a refund deadline. This is the last day a participant can cancel and still get their money back. After the refund date, the deposit may only be returned if the individual or a staff member can find someone to fill the available spot. This policy is intended to prevent individuals from canceling at the last minute and ensures the cost of the trip remains the same for the other participants still in attendance. If an outstanding circumstance prohibits the individual from attending, please schedule a meeting with the OP staff to discuss reimbursement options.


The Outdoor Program will provide all the necessary equipment for our trips or workshops. We also have plenty of gear to lend out to ensure our participants are prepared with the essentials for their adventure! If you need a headlamp, sleeping bag, extra layers, etc., we got it! Visit the Outdoor Program Shop during office hours to acquire what you need.

Planning your own adventure? Come by and rent gear for camping, backpacking, snow sports, and water sports. We will do our best to outfit your needs from our rental shop inventory