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Idaho has a wide variety of recreation options available for those who have limited to expert experience in the outdoors. All trips are available to the College of Idaho community and are subsidized with student activity fees. Equipment and transportation for participating in selected events is provided.  Visit the OP in McCain to learn more and you can click here reserve your spot for upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

February 17: Showshoe into Bonneville Hot Springs - $5 (includes showshoes, lunch, and transportation)

February 26: Introduction to Stand-up Paddleboarding in the pool

March 3: Deer Flat National Wildlife Day Hike - $5 (includes lunch and transportation)

March 19 - 23: Spring Break trip to Southern Utah - $80 Iincludes meals, transportation, camping fees and rentals)

March 20: Bouldering in Boise Day Trip - $5 (includes lunch and transportation)

March 22: Leslie Gulch Day Trip - $5 (includes lunch and transportation)

March 26: Introduction to Stand-up Paddleboarding in the pool

April 6 - 8: Bouldering Trip to City of Rocks: $35 (includes meals, transportation, camping fees, rentals)

April 14: Stand-up Paddleboard Day Trip: $15 (includes SUP rental fees and lunch)

April 24: Earth Week Stewardship Event - Free

May 5: Jump Creek Day Trip: $5 (includes lunch and transportation)

May 21 - 24: Sawtooth Society Stewardship Trip - Free (must apply with Outdoor Program for a spot on this trip)