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Rental Houses

Check-In & Check-Out

Contact the Office of Residence Life to schedule check-in and check-out times. At check-in, the tenant will receive a copy of the house key. A Residence Life staff member will walk through the home prior to check-in to determine the condition of the home. If residents notice damage or concerns, they should bring it up with Residence Life staff immediately. Tenants will not be allowed to check-in if their account has an outstanding balance.


A deposit of $400 is required of each tenant to rent a house. Once the residents have checked out, the deposit is used to make repairs, or complete deep-cleaning, if necessary. Residents will receive the remainder of their deposit, minus any money needed for repairs and cleaning, after check-out.

Early Termination

Tenants wishing to terminate their agreement early lose their deposit and are responsible for payment for the remainder of their agreement.

Tenants whose agreement is terminated as a result of academic dismissal from the college or eviction forfeit their deposit and fee. Tenants whose agreement is terminated as a result of college disciplinary measures will forfeit their deposit and fee and may be financially responsible for the remainder of their rental amount.

At times, another rental house may have an available bed for a student wishing to terminate his/her agreement. If a student moves to another rental house, that student loses his/her deposit. The student must sign a new agreement for his/her new house.

Good Neighbors

Tenants are responsible for keeping houses and yards clean and free of trash, etc. If a house is determined to be unclean, tenants will be given notice to clean the area and a walkthrough of the property will be done after the deadline. If the condition of a yard is such that it must be cleaned for the tenants, tenants will be billed for the cleaning. Repeated problems could result in eviction.

Renters are expected to be good community members and neighbors. Repeated complaints from other renters, neighbors, or police could result in eviction.


Internet, cable, and phone services are the responsibility of the tenants. The College of Idaho does not provide these services.


The College of Idaho carries no insurance on the contents of the houses. Tenants should consider providing their own insurance. Information about Renter’s Insurance can be found in the Office of Residence Life.


Tenants are not allowed to make copies of house keys for personal distribution. If this happens, the tenants will be charged for re-coring the house entrances.

Lawn Care

The College of Idaho maintains the rental house yards. If a tenant has concerns or requests regarding the yard, please direct these to Facilities.

Living Areas

Tenants are welcome to double bedrooms. No more than two tenants can occupy one bedroom. Tenants are not permitted to live in basement areas, as none have sufficient egress.

Rental Amount

$5500 per academic year (September - May) per resident in a single-occupancy room. This amount includes all utilities but does not include cable or internet.

Rental Agreement

Residents of the rental houses typically move in late August and move out on May 31. Students are charged an additional daily rate for any days that student lives in the house prior to or following the end of the rental agreement. Tenants must make arrangements to stay late or arrive early with the Office of Residence Life.

Rental Placement

Tenants are placed in rental properties through a random lottery process. Students who are married or who have families receive first priority. Students must be of junior standing or at least 21 years old to be considered for a rental house.

Repairs & Maintenance

All repairs and maintenance are handled through the Facilities department. Requests for repairs or work are submitted by work order to Facilities. By submitting a work order, you have implicitly agreed to allow a staff member from Facilities into your home, whether or not you are present. If you have any concerns about this policy, please direct these to the Office of Residence Life.

Tenants are responsible for reporting any maintenance issues to the Facilities Department in a timely manner. If maintenance is not reported, the renters will be held responsible for the cost of repairs.


It is very important that tenants think carefully about the students with whom they wish to rent a house. Renting a house commits you and your roommates to a housing contract with the College, and the financial obligation of paying utility bills in a timely (and fair) manner. Disagreements with roommates or differences in living styles are not justification for terminating housing without the resultant financial responsibilities.

The Office of Residence Life recommends that potential roommates have frank discussions together about appropriate noise levels, guests, hosting social events, paying utility bills on time, borrowing money for rent or utilities, and house cleanliness before signing the lease agreement.

Furniture intended for inside a house cannot be kept outside.


Smoking, including the use of pipes or incense, is not allowed inside any of the rental houses. Smoking is also not allowed on College grounds. For more information about this policy, please refer to the student handbook.