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The College of Idaho offers on-campus housing to all full-time students under 26 years old. Part-time students and students over 26 may live on campus as appropriate space permits with approval of the director. All eligible students are required to live on-campus for their first six semesters at the College.

All full-time students, regardless of living arrangements, are required to purchase some level of meal plan.

For information about all tuition and fees besides room and board please visit our Cost of Attendance page.

2020-2021 Room Rental Rates

Double & Closet Single Rooms

Double rooms are for two occupants where residents have a roommate. Closet singles are small single-occupancy rooms under 100 square feet.  Anderson and Simplot are the only residence halls that offer closet single rooms

Voorhees Hall $5,200
Anderson Hall $3,450
Simplot & Hayman Hall $4,900

Single Rooms

Single rooms are for one occupant.

Simplot & Hayman Hall $5,900
Anderson Hall $4,800

Triple Rooms

Triple and quad rooms are designed for three occupants and are located in Simplot and Hayman Halls.

Simplot & Hayman Hall $3,900

Suite-Style Rooms

Suite-style rooms are in Finney Hall, a newly-remodeled building on campus.

Finney Hall $6,150

Village Apartments

The Village consists of two buildings. Appropriately named, Mustard and Ketchup. Mustard has two bedrooms, a single and a double room. Ketchup is made up of four single rooms. Prices are per occupant.

Village Ketchup Room $6,300
Village Mustard Room $6,500

Rental Houses

The College owns several rental houses within a block of campus. Houses have varying numbers of bedrooms and different floorplans.

Rental House Single Room $4,800

This rate includes water, sewer, garbage, electricity and natural gas. Items like internet service, furnishings or a washer and dryer in the house are not included. Rental house residents may use washer and dryers located in the residence halls with permission of a Residence Life staff member.

Hall Improvement Fee

Residence hall and Village apartment residents are charged an additional $60 per year fee to fund programming, amenities like ping-pong tables and water bottle refill stations, and to pay for repair and deep cleaning of shared furniture.

2019-2020 Board Plan Rates

The College of Idaho expects all full-time students to participate in a meal plan. Our food provider, Bon Appetit, supplies us with a wide variety of high quality, fresh and tasty offerings, as well as education about healthy food choices. Meal times are not only a time to eat, however. They also serve as a way for our community to gather. This strengthens our community and enriches the individual student experience. Final Board Plan rates for the 2020-21 academic year will be posted once finalized and approved.

First-semester freshmen living on campus are required to purchase A, B, or C. Freshmen in their second semester and sophomores living on campus are required to purchase Plan A, Plan B, Plan C or Plan D. Juniors, seniors and students living off campus may choose instead to purchase the Commuter Plan.

Meal Plans can be changed during the first week of Fall term and Spring term only. If a student wishes to change their meal plan after the first week, or is approved by the Non-Academic Petition Committee to change their meal plan after the first week, that change will not take effect until the following term.

Board Plans

  • Meal Plan A is for students who plan on eating most of their daily meals in Simplot Cafe. This plan allows 19 meals per week and includes $50 Coyote Cash each term.
  • Meal Plan B is for students who plan on eating regularly in Simplot Cafe. This plan allows 14 meals per week and includes $125 Coyote Cash each term.
  • Meal Plan C is for students who plan on eating mostly 1-2 meals per day in Simplot Cafe. This plan allows 10 meals per week and includes $180 Coyote Cash each term.
  • Meal Plan D is for students who plan on eating one meal per day. This plan allows seven meals per week and includes $205 Coyote Cash each term.
  • The Commuter Plan is for students who plan to eat few meals on campus. This plan does allows no set meals per week and includes $700 of Coyote Cash.

Plan Pricing

Meal Plan Meals Per Week Cost Per Term Cost Per Year
Plan A 19 $2,824.90 $5,649.80
Plan B 14 $2,743.00 $5,486.00
Plan C 10 $2,576.00 $5,152.00
Plan D 7 $2,412.00 $4,824.00
Commuter 0 $742 $1,484

Prices include Idaho sales tax of 6.00%.

Additional Notes

  • Plans A, B, C and D meals reset weekly and do not carry over week to week.
  • Additional Coyote Cash can be added to any plan at any time via the YoteCard portal. Checks or cash can be deposited at the Business Office in Hendren Hall.
  • Coyote Cash from a meal pan carries over within the same academic year, but not from year-to-year, as long as the student keeps the same meal plan for Spring term. Coyote Cash added to the card via deposit never expires.
  • Unused meals and included Coyote Cash expire at the end of the year.