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The campus visit plays a vital role in choosing the right college. To ensure you fully experience The College of Idaho and all we have to offer, please sign up for an individual campus visit. Each student will have the opportunity to attend a class, meet with a coach, or even audition for one of our many talent scholarships.

Please schedule with us at least two weeks in advance to ensure your visit can be tailored to your desires.

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Coyote Orientation Day

All students who have deposited are required to attend a Coyote Orientation Day.  Coyote Orientation Days span the month of June but students are only required to attend one day. 

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Students will take pictures for their student ID cards, meet other incoming students, and learn more about the yotefam and how they fit into it.  Students who register and complete their pre-registration questionnaires one week prior to their Coyote Orientation day will be given their course schedule. 


The Visit Center is located near the Office of Admission in the beautiful Hendren Hall.

Tours depart daily from Hendren Hall Monday-Friday at 10:00 AM, and 2:00 PM.

Walk-ins are welcome on all of our scheduled tours but for a personalized visit it is best to schedule a visit by following the link above.