The beauty of unity

I had the opportunity of attending Margarette and Kevney's wedding and it was absolutely beautiful.

The bridal group came in with a perfectly choreographed dance and looked stunning in their purple and grey clothing. As the bride walked down the aisle, the C of I African choir sang for her and it made most of us shed a tear because not only did she look phenomenally beautiful but it was so different and unexpected. I had never come across such a calm bride in my whole life. As we were panicking about what hairstyle would be perfect and what make-up we would be using, she was just laughing and answering whatever questions needed answering with such confidence. At the end of it all, everything worked out perfectly. It was amazing how well she had prepared for the wedding and how there were so many people that were assisting with all sorts of preparations.

The church was decorated with purple and white flowers and candles were lit all over, giving a heavenly like feel. The diversity in the music that was played was incredible. They played some U.S. songs, Latino and African songs because there were quests from all over the world really. The ceremony was short and sweet and the pastor just said what needed to be said. I liked that. There were also a variety of dishes served at the reception and it all tasted so good. I wanted to eat so much but I could not because my dress was a little tight around the stomach. I could not even eat dessert, I was so angry with myself for having eaten that much that I had no space for dessert. Such an unusual thing to do.

The picture is of the African choir, the bride and groom, and I was just there I guess as a friend/hairstylist and make-up person. Everyone was expecting me to go and sing since I had taken the picture with the African Choir. I had to explain that I was there only because the bride had requested that I go. I had to save myself from lip synching to songs I did not really know which would have been embarrassing.

All in all, it was a beautiful, cheerful time and most of the international students went to the wedding to share Margarette’s joy and support their fellow sister.

PS: The picture was taken by Felix Vemmer, sophomore from Germany

- Kenny

Keneuoe Mphutlane is a sophomore from Lesotho majoring in International Political Economy