Just Another Few Weeks in the Life of a Busy College Student

Well, it’s been a while since I updated ye olde blog! (You can blame my stubbornness in waiting for the best picture to be posted on the P: drive from fall break, as well as my professors for giving me lots of homework). Many exciting things have been happening here at C of I.

First of all, fall break. I went with the Outdoor Program to Yosemite. I was so excited to go because I’d never been there before, and it totally lived up to my expectations. You just can’t even imagine it. Everything is sized for a giant. In our campsite, we were surrounded by enormous trees, and then further out, enormous cliff walls (these factors led to a disappointing 3 or 4 hours of actual daylight, but we persevered). Then when we went around hiking, there were these GIGANTIC boulders just laying everywhere. The river looked like a really zoomed in version of a normal river – either that or a normal river to ant-sized people. One day, we all woke up at 6 AM to start a 3 mile hike that gained nearly 2000 feet in elevation. Normally I hate waking up early (especially on break) but it was so worth it. Hiking amongst the aforementioned huge boulders through grassy fields and next to towering waterfalls, it felt like we were in the Lord of the Rings. We also got to see a whole bunch of rock climbers climbing El Capitan, and even tried our hand at climbing ourselves (don’t worry, it wasn’t on El Capitan). We saw deer, squirrels, a coyote (we all cheered out the window when we saw it walking by) many birds, and even a bear! It was such a cool place, and I definitely hope to go back someday.

Yosemite Group Photo

Our whole group in front of Mono Lake, right before going into the park

Another cool thing that happened recently was the Cultural Show. I’ve always loved going to C of I’s cultural show, and I was thrilled this year when my friend Tran asked me to be a part of her Vietnamese Dance. I didn’t actually dance – I sang with two other girls while everyone else danced – but it was still an amazing experience. I got to learn so much about different cultures, and see everyone’s creativity at showing off their own culture. And now I know a song in Vietnamese. If you haven’t been to the Cultural Show before, you are definitely missing out!

Cultural Show

The finale of our dance

Finally, as everyone has been talking about for the last week, we had a snow day! I love snow, and was thrilled when it snowed last week. Some of my friends were less so. But everyone, and I do mean everyone, was happy when we didn’t have school on Friday. My freshman year, I was so surprised that you could have snow days in college. In High School, we never had a snow day, even if there were 3+ feet of snow (I’m from Utah – people are crazy there). So I savor the moment in college. My friends and I took the opportunity to sleep in, build a snowman, and sit in the lobby of our dorm playing games and drinking hot chocolate. It was the perfect snow day, leaving me dreaming of (hopefully) more to come.


The snowman we built

Freezing on campus, 

-Caitlin Fellows

 Main picture: the Yosemite group at the top of one of the waterfalls we hiked to