Movies, Early Sunsets, and Trips

It’s wet and windy in Belfast today, and what hint there was of the sun has been gone since before 4. After a seminar this morning, and a poetry seminar tonight, I’m back in my room, with my back to the radiator. C of I is about to plunge into finals, and it’s a little strange to not have the same encroaching deadlines. Since my five essays aren’t due until Jan. 12th, I’ve only got two of them in progress. The poetry essays will get a start tomorrow though, so that my thoughts will have enough time to stew over the Christmas holiday. I’m almost envious of the C of I deadline, because one way or another, everybody will be done in a few days and heading home for Christmas. But then I consoled myself by remembering that I’ll be done in mid January, when everyone at C of I is in the middle of winter term. Then instead of reaping Christmas break as my reward, I’ll hit up Barcelona and London. 

The C of I London group has a facebook page with all the current trip members and London alumni, and it’s been fun to see them gear up. There’s lots of article sharing, advice exchanging, and general excitement. I believe today’s reading day was spent watching some more London themed movies. I’ve been doing the same before I go on trips, (and as I continue to live in Belfast) and it feels like a good way to get into the right mindset.  In Belfast, I’ve checked out a few films about the Troubles, including ’71, Five Minutes of Heaven, Bloody Sunday, and Hunger. Before going to Rome I watched La Dulce Vita (or part of it, it was really long), Life is Beautiful, and Rome, Open City. For Barcelona, I (half-watched) The Passenger, and have a few others on the list, including L’Auberge Espagnole, which is about a study abroad kid in Barcelona, (I assume, it’s a more uh, adventurous, study abroad experience than my own). For London, I’ve recently watched Blowup. For the London class, we watched a film a week, and had a movie day before we left in January—those films included This is England, The Iron Lady, The Queen, The King’s Speech, and a bunch of others that showed less glamorous side of England, and whose titles I cannot remember.  I think the movies on tap for the student-directed London movie day were more along the lines of Love, Actually. I know that if I could get my hands on a copy of The Holiday, I would totally watch it again. Alas, the McClay Library only likes to stock award winning foreign films and Shakespeare adaptations. Such is life.

Right now, I’m looking at things to do in Dublin. Since my mom is coming to spend Christmas, we’re going to take a little day trip down to Dublin on Christmas Eve. We’ll probably stroll around Grafton Street and Stephen’s Green, but maybe we’ll go see some bog bodies at the National Museum of Ireland.

From Ash 4,

Megan Mizuta

The picture above is of the Queen's Christmas tree, taken half and hour after sunset, or at 4:30 p.m.