The Final(s) Destination (Dun Dun Dun)

If there weren’t a Thanksgiving Break shoved in there between Undead Weak and Dead Week I would have lost my ever-loving mind.


There is no part of the obscene amount of homework assignments, busy work, and essays piled on us by our feudal lord professors that I am thankful for. How dare they? HOW DARE THEY?

I’m kidding (kind of), those sweet people are just doing their jobs. I’m just very bitter because I spent this whole break working on homework instead of gorging myself and watching terrible Christmas movies.

Thanksgiving Break is wonderful though, because it provides us a little glimpse at the happiness we will get to experience once the hell of finals week comes to an end. There is nothing quite so sweet as finishing that last God-forsaken final and running off home to camp out on the couch and snuggle your pets for hours at a time.

My Thanksgiving was really wonderful. I loaded up my kitten Fleetwood, and made the long journey back to Boise for the weekend. My parent’s were/are currently slightly irritated with me for finding and then dumping a stray cat on them a few weeks ago. If you live in Caldwell you know it’s a bit of a depositing zone for kitties when they’re no longer wanted, and recently one of those beasts made it’s way to my door. Neither myself nor any of my roommates could handle the idea of leaving it outside in the freezing weather, so we let it spend the night. Note to self: if you let a cat spend the night once, it will want to spend the night forever. My landlord would have murdered me if I took in another animal (I’m too young to be a cat lady anyway) but the Humane Society was full so we couldn’t leave it there! I gave in and enlisted my partner in crime, my little sister Hanna, to help me in operation “Give The Parents An Animal They Don’t Want And Force Them To Fall In Love With It”. Step one was give the cat a name so cute no one could ever tell her no, and thus, she was baptized “Pancake”. So when I went home for Thanksgiving my two loving, but mildly vexed, parents and Pancake were waiting for me. It was so relaxing being at home, but it always is after doing a play and being stressed out at school. I really wish the break was a bit longer, but alas. We had a seafood Thanksgiving (more our style than turkey anyway), and I spent most of my time doing homework in the presence of my incredibly sassy family. It was exactly the little pit stop I needed before the storm of the upcoming weeks.

For those of you readers who might not have experienced a finals week yet, I express my condolences. It doesn’t have to be the worst time of your life by any means, but it is exhausting. The baristas at Dutch Bros always know when it’s finals week at COI because of the hordes and hordes of wild-eyed students in sweatpants frantically ordering Rebels as fast as their hands can reach their credit cards. Even if your finals (through the divine intervention of some higher power) aren’t all that bad, the secondhand bad juju wafting off your roommate, dorm-mate, housemate, etc., would be enough to physically bring down a blue whale. The stress floats through the air like a black plague, keeping you from holly jolly holiday happiness and poisoning your heart with all the black darkness of the Scroogiest Grinch. You think the bleakness will never end, it’s just one all-nighter after another, crushing you under the weight of your deepest despair…

And then it’s done and time for Christmas fun!

I think dead week is actually probably worse than finals week, because dead week is when all of your projects are due. Finals are tests, which, to be fair, can be pretty traumatizing, but it’s sort of like wham bam and then done. Projects linger, projects are what keep you up all night praying for the end. I had a project due today, which I worked all weekend and last night on, and I have a project due Wednesday, which I will desperately attempt to finish tomorrow night. Such is life.

I hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving and that they’re feeling ready for the madness coming. Honestly, we just have to hold our breath for a red-hot minute and then before we know it, IT IS CHRISTMAS and J Term and a Happy New Year. Good luck to everyone. We can do this!

 Haley Ganatos is a senior theatre major from Boise.