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Our Projector

The projector sits under a 24-foot dome with seating for 50 people.  The projector can show northern and limited southern constellations, all planets visible to the unaided eye, the sun, moon, a few deep space objects, and both nightly and annual motions of all of the above.  The sky can be viewed from different locations and times on Earth with several specialized projectors helpful in demonstrating daily and seasonal changes visible in the night sky.  A digital overlay and a large collection of images add to the educational opportunities and experiences offered during shows.   

How to Find Us

The Whittenberger Planetarium is located inside of Boone Hall on the south side of the Morrison Quadrangle.  Coming from Interstate 84 at the Franklin Road exit: proceed north to Blaine Street. Turn right (east) to 20th, turn left (south) to Fillmore. Turn left into the parking lot on our campus. The parking lot is adjacent to Boone Hall—the two-story cement building right on the parking lot at the far end. You'll also find Boone on our campus map.  To get inside Boone Hall, walk around to the main entrance and choose the far door, closest to the statue of William Judson Boone.  The planetarium is down the hall to the right.

Group Events at the Planetarium

There is a minimum cost of $60.00 per group. The cost is $3.00/person for children’s groups (including parents, chaperones, and any other adults) above a group count of 20. Therefore, a group of 10 people would cost $60 and a group of 30 people would have a cost of $90. Adult groups are $6.00/person. Please contact the Planetarium directly to schedule an event.