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We have a STARLAB inflatable planetarium available for a variety of rental periods. 

Note: The Whittenberger Planetarium is currently closed to all visits and STARLAB rentals. The status of events for the 2020-21 academic year continues to be evaluated. Contact us with questions.

The STARLAB requires space to inflate and must be located in an appropriate area.

  • Minimum room dimensions: 21 x 21 ft
  • Height:  10.5 ft clear of all objects, including light fixtures and fire sprinklers
  • Indoor-only use

Rental Fee

  • $150 for a one-day rental
  • $300 for up to one week
  • $500 for up to two weeks

Additional Fees

Training fee:  $105 includes basic training—set-up/take-down procedure, use of the projector, switching cylinders, limited time familiarizing trainee(s) with the cylinders, expectations for keeping equipment safe, and safety tips.  This training takes about one hour and fifteen minutes.

Additional training may include more advanced use of the equipment such as using the planet and/or moon projectors, more extensive familiarization with the night sky, and/or more extensive astronomy education pedagogy. Additional time will be charged at fifteen-minute increments at $20/15-minutes additional time.

Delivery fee:  Dependent on distance and time.  Contact Amy for more information.


The STARLAB components can be transported in SUV-sized vehicles such as Ford Escapes (with room for the driver and one passenger), Subaru Outbacks (with room for the driver and up to two passengers), Suburbans, and minivans with the seats down or one row of seats removed.  The components are NOT weather resistant and are heat-sensitive.  If the STARLAB is transported in the back of a pick-up, the weather must be dry and temperatures mild.

Programming Fees

It is possible, at times, to have a staff person from the Whittenberger Planetarium provide both the delivery and the programming during your STARLAB rental. Availability is limited and additional fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Amy Truksa to discuss your event.

Cancellation Fee

$100 payment will be expected for canceling a STARLAB rental within 1 week of the rental date.