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We have a STARLAB inflatable planetarium available for a variety of rental periods. 

The STARLAB requires space to inflate and must be located in an appropriate area.

  • Minimum room dimensions: 21 x 21 ft
  • Height:  10.5 ft clear of all objects, including light fixtures and fire sprinklers
  • Indoor-only use

Rental Fee

  • $125 for one day
  • $200 for up to 1 week
  • $275 for up to 2 weeks 

Additional Fees

Training fee:  $90  (see below)

Delivery fee:  Dependent on distance and time. Contact Amy for more information.

Programming Fees

It is possible, at times, to have a staff person from the Whittenberger Planetarium provide both the delivery and the programming during your STARLAB rental. Availability is limited and additional fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Amy Truksa to discuss your event.


In-service training is available upon request either at time of pick-up or during delivery. 


  • Training during pick-up (on-campus):  $90
  • Training during delivery: dependent on distance and time