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With over 130 years of history, The College is Idaho's leader in higher education and strives to be a leader in the nation. Our mission, vision, and values are the essence of who we are and always have been.

Our Vision Plan Through 2025

The College of Idaho is thriving and nationally recognized for its innovative approach to liberal arts education.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Our Core Values

  • Community
  • Excellence
  • Close faculty-student interaction
  • Transformational opportunities
  • Commitment to the Liberal Arts

Our Mission

The College of Idaho, a private, residential liberal arts college, prepares students to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We are committed to an innovative, individualized curriculum in liberal arts and professional studies, building community, and exercising stewardship.

Our Core Mission Themes

Transforming Liberal Arts and Professional Education

The College challenges students to:

  • Think broadly, by wide exposure to the fields of knowledge that constitute a liberal arts curriculum.
  • Think deeply, by a sustained exploration of a specific discipline.
  • Combine this breadth and depth to develop skills in problem-solving, analytic reasoning, critical thinking, and written communication.

Building Community

In answering these challenges the College produces:

  • A responsible community.
  • A resourceful community.
  • A reflective community.

Exercising Stewardship

While answering these challenges the College is an exemplary steward of:

  • Our environment.
  • Our people.
  • Our resources.