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Grant Forms and Documents

Organization and Purpose

Documents on this page are grouped according to topics related to grants, grant writing, and grant administration. In general, there are four types of documents available:

  • Policies
  • Forms
  • Procedures and explanations
  • Training materials

The main areas of emphasis include effort reporting, responsible conduct of research (RCR), financial conflict of interest (FCOI) for federally funded research, government notices concerning research policies and grants, and general information about the College for grant applications.

Below are links to important grant-related notices, updates, and guides. Files that are too large or otherwise do not conform to C of I's posting standards are accessible through links below. Forms and documents should be viewed and completed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The use of forms in the browser or operating system preview applications is not recommended.

Please note that all Institutional data included in grant applications must be approved or generated by Institutional Research.

The Grant Proposal Authorization Form (AF) starts the grant application process and helps identify potential alternative sources of support. The AF helps plan for any impacts of the proposed grant on institutional resources. It also serves as the Short Form for certain types of fellowship and grant applications (details on form).

The Grant Proposal Submission Form(PSF) requires the approval of the VPAA, VPFO, and for institutional grants, signature of the College President. The PSF also includes assurances regarding human subjects, animal use, biohazards, conflict of interest, and other concerns.

Grant-Related News

Grant-Related Information


Forms and Documents