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Study the U.S. criminal justice system from a variety of academic perspectives.

This program will challenge you to:

  • Learn about our criminal justice system and how it is connected to a variety of disciplines.
  • Think critically about law enforcement, criminal justice and the prison system.
  • Explore different career options within the criminal justice field.
Humanities & Fine Arts Social Sciences & History Natural Sciences & Mathematics Professional Studies & Enhancements
Criminal Justice Studies Minor

Peaks this program fulfills

  • Social Sciences & History

Courses and Requirements

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15 credits

Minor Requirements

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
IND-368 The Prison Experience 3 credits
SOC-330 Criminology and Deviance 3 credits


Choose 9 credits from the following:

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ATH-202 Cultural Diversity 3 credits
EDU-300 Schools and Society 3 credits
POE-241 Introduction to Public Policy 3 credits
PSY-404 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits
PSY-407 Legal Psychology 3 credits
SOC-299T Special Topics in Sociology 3 credits
SOC-340 Cultural Criminology 3 credits
SOC-349 Social Stratification 3 credits
SOC-497 Internship 1-3 credits
SOC-399T Special Topics in Sociology 3 credits