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The Dual Degree Program in Medical Laboratory Science Cooperative Program is a collaborative effort with Idaho State University.

This program will challenge you to:

  • Prepare for a successful career in medical laboratory science.
  • Pursue a complementary major at the C of I along with program prerequisites.
  • Complete PEAK minors in Social Sciences & History and Humanities & Fine Arts, in addition to required prerequisite courses.
Humanities & Fine Arts Social Sciences & History Natural Sciences & Mathematics Professional Studies & Enhancements
Idaho State University Dual Degree in Medical Laboratory Science (BS/BS)

Peaks this program fulfills

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Courses and Requirements

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Prerequisite Requirements

To be completed at The College of Idaho

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
BIO-201Molecules to Cells3 credits
BIO-201LMolecules to Cells Lab1 credits
BIO-210LMolecules to Cells Research-Based Lab1 credits
BIO-202Organismal Biology3 credits
BIO-202LOrganismal Biology1 credits
BIO-224Human Anatomy and Physiology I3 credits
BIO-224LHuman Anatomy and Physiology I Lab1 credits
BIO-225Human Anatomy and Physiology II3 credits
BIO-225LHuman Anatomy and Physiology II Lab1 credits
BIO-316Genetics3 credits
BIO-330Cell Biology3 credits
BIO-360Microbiology3 credits
BIO-360LMicrobiology Lab1 credits
BIO-361Pathobiology3 credits
BIO-365Immunology3 credits
CHE-141General Chemistry I3 credits
CHE-142General Chemistry II3 credits
MAT-125Data Analysis and Statistics3 credits
MAT-212Multiple Regression Analysis3 credits
MAT-150Applied Calculus: a Modeling Approach4 credits

8 additional credits in Chemistry selected from Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Analytical Chemistry.

Note: 16 credits upper-division coursework from above list must be taken at The College of Idaho

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