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Testing Center & Alternative Testing Procedures

Students with disabilities are eligible to register their diagnoses to receive reasonable accommodations. Specific test-taking accommodations commonly include extended time and reduced-distraction environments. Students with DALE-approved academic accommodations for exams, quizzes, tests, and timed in-class assignments can take their assessment in many ways. As with all other accommodations, test-taking accommodations are discussed and implemented on an individual basis. Sometimes, a student will come to the Library to use the Testing Center, which provides reduced distraction environments and caters to taking extended time to finish exams. To request to take an exam in the Library, students need to register a disability diagnosis with DALE and follow the Library's processes and procedures to schedule. Other times, students find that making arrangements with their professors meets their accommodation needs. All accommodation decisions will be reached through an interactive process between DALE staff, faculty, students, and Library staff.

Students taking examinations through the Library must comply with The College of Idaho Honor Code.

*NOTE: During the test, each student will be monitored to ensure academic integrity. If a student is caught cheating, the test will be taken away, and the professor will be contacted immediately.

Learn more about the College's Testing Center here.