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Financial Aid Applications and Forms

The links below will help you apply for and understand financial aid at The College of Idaho. Many of them are forms to fill out, but we've also provided links to helpful articles and sites.

Scholarship Applications

Albertson's Foundation Employee Scholarship Application

Intermountain Gas Employee Scholarship Application

Lienhart-Minnick Scholarship Application

OfficeMax Employee Scholarship Application

Presbyterian Clergy Scholarship Application

Simplot Employee Scholarship Application

Whittenberger Fellows Scholarship Application

Financial Aid Forms

Consortium Agreement

Department of Education Unusual Enrollment History Form

IRS Form 4506-T for Confirmation of Non-Filing

2017-2018 Dependent Verification Worksheet

2017-2018 Independent Verification Worksheet

2017-2018 Statement of Educational Purpose

International Financial Aid Forms

2017-2018 International Student Financial Aid Application

2018-2019 International Student Financial Aid Application

FAFSA Information and Guides

10 Myths About the FAFSA and Applying for Financial Aid

11 Common FAFSA Mistakes

FAFSA Help, including General Questions and Before You Begin

Financial Aid Information

C of I Financial Aid Terms and Conditions

Federal Student Loans, including Entrance Counseling, Loan Agreement and Master Promissory Note, and Exit Counseling

Additional Resources and Guides

Federal Student Aid - How do I prepare for college?

Federal Student Aid - What types of aid can I get?

Federal Student Aid - Do I qualify for aid?

Federal Student Aid - How do I apply for aid?

Federal Student Aid - How do I manage my loans?

Federal Student Aid Homepage