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External Scholarships

External scholarships are all those administered, selected and awarded by organizations other than The College of Idaho. Students apply for the scholarship through the awarding organization and the College receives funds that apply to to student accounts. Some scholarships may send funds directly to students, who may use it towards tuition and student account balances, or towards qualified educational expenses like books, room and board, fees or even a laptop.

State of Idaho Scholarships

The Idaho State Board of Education offers several scholarships to Idaho high school students and students considering attending college in Idaho. Criteria and award amounts vary by scholarship with different programs starting every year. The College highly encourages all students to explore and apply for these scholarships. Learn more from the Idaho Scholarships homepage.

We also encourage out-of-state students to check with their respective state board of education for additional scholarship opportunities. Many states work to recognize their students regardless of where they attend college.

Caldwell Foundation for Educational Opportunity

Are you a local student looking to attend C of I? The College and Caldwell community formed a unique partnership to help local high school students attend college. Some CFEO scholarships even have a matching contribution from C of I to double your award! With criteria ranging from outstanding student to orchestra to health professions to children of local employers, the CFEO scholarship funds offer an opportunity for almost everyone in Caldwell. View the complete list of scholarships and what it takes to earn one at the CFEO website.

Searching Online for Scholarships

The modern web is both a great and suspicious place to search for scholarships. There are many, many reputable organizations looking to help fund college educations. At the same time, there are many groups purporting to give scholarships with strange requirements, like applications fees, or to collect your personal information for other means. The following links can help start a successful scholarship search.

  • US News & World Report's College Scholarships page has timely tips and links to help you pay for college. As a top name in college rankings, US News & World Report supports education for all students and aims to help you make the best choice.
  • The College Board, makers of the SAT and ACT, runs the BigFuture Scholarship Search site. Search for scholarships by type, background, program and more.
  • FastWeb has been a leading name in college scholarship searches for years. Their website provides more than just scholarship information, too. With information about student deals, financial options and career planning, FastWeb is an excellent resoruce to help plan for college.
  • Outstanding students from minority and underrepresented backgrounds should check out the Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The program is for students in any area of study and can even be extended into graduate programs in select fields.