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Alumni Pathways

The following set of PDFs represents months and months of work. For a broad swipe at organization, the PDFs are arranged according to fields of employment; but as with any journey through life, the paths of most alumni are a circuitous one. So many of the categories overlap and but ALL the categories provide valuable insight into what a graduate of The Department of Political Economy from the College of Idaho can do.

Our very gracious thanks to all those fabulous alumni who were willing to share their journeys in ‘Life after The College of Idaho.” If you would like to contact any of the alumni featured in any of the categories, please email the POE department.  The POE department will be happy to forward contact information.

As one alumnus said, "Make a difference. Change the world." Tom Allen, 1973

Business Pathways

Education Pathways

Non-Profit Pathways

Law Pathways

Government Pathway