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College Statement on New ICE Regulations

July 8, 2020

Please read the College’s response to new U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regulations that state international students with F-1 and M-1 visas must attend some classes in person or they will either be required to transfer to a different institution or depart the country. The College of Idaho’s student body is made up of 17-percent international students representing nearly 90 countries.

Dear Campus Community, primarily our international students,

We want to assure you that we are aware of the new ICE regulations which were made public yesterday. Adan De La Paz and his DSO (designated school official) team are, as always, on top of this and diving into all of the details.

As you all know, it is our plan to make every effort to have in-person classes this fall. You have all helped us learn how to operate in dorm living, grab-and-go meals, and living and working together in these times. That gives us more confidence that we can maintain the in-person educational experience we thrive on. It will take all of us holding each other accountable to wear masks, wash our hands often, and maintain physical distancing to make this work as we have done during the summer.

We understand there is the possibility that an outbreak could force a change in the mode of delivery for classes. The College is currently reviewing all possible options for international students to maintain immigration status. Contingency planning has already begun to help students mitigate the panic these regulations are causing. We will communicate with you further as decisions are finalized and approved by authorities which will occur no later than August 4. 

While these regulations sadden us, we will do everything in our power to advocate on your behalf. We have already taken initial steps in this process by contacting our Congressional Delegation and SEVP Field Representative.

We are grateful every day that you chose to come to The College of Idaho. We are grateful for the outstanding work you have done this summer.

We hope you have also all seen the tremendous community support we have received to help pay for the costs of meals. Hundreds of people made contributions and we exceeded our goal in our crowdfunding. Gifts came from people who had never previously given to the College. A 92-year-old man who made his first visit to campus in February after living here for more than 60 years made a $5000 gift when he heard about your situation. Albertsons, Del Taco, and Blue Cross all stepped up in support.

This community and this country overwhelmingly welcome you. 

There are some loud voices out there, but we cannot let them drown out the love that the vast majority have for all that you bring to this campus and to our community.


Doug and Jim