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Longtime C of I faculty and staff honored for years of service

April 11, 2018
Jasper LiCalzi and Bev Robinson receive recognition at the 2018 Faculty and Staff Years of Service Appreciation Dinner on April 10, 2018.

C of I Political Economy Professor Kerry Hunter was at the tail end of his fourth year of graduate studies at the University of Washington when he had first heard about The College of Idaho. At the time, he had no idea what a liberal arts college even was, let alone The College of Idaho itself, despite having been raised in Eastern Idaho.

But this year, Hunter is celebrating his 30th year at the College, a legacy for which he was honored at the 2018 Faculty and Staff Years of Service Appreciation Dinner on April 10. Hunter led the way among those recognized at the dinner, standing alone at the 30-year milestone.

“When a student will say something causing me to think something I have never thought before, or in my office, chatting about ideas I have never thought before…I guess that is why I continue to stay,” Hunter said. “I am a teacher, that is, I enjoy learning, and The College of Idaho is a learner’s paradise.”

Faculty & Staff Years of Service Appreciation Dinner

During the College’s 2018 Giving Day on April 3, the College put out a challenge to 30 donors to give $30 each in honor of Hunter’s 30-years of service. A similar challenge was put out that day for another popular political economy professor, Jasper LiCalzi, who challenged 25 donors to give $25 in honor of his own 25 years of service. Together, they raised over $1,400 for the political economy department between the two challenges.

LiCalzi was also one of the honorees at the appreciation dinner. Like Hunter, he first saw an advertisement for the College during his time in graduate school, looking specifically for liberal arts teaching-focused colleges to spend his career.

“I wasn’t interested in Idaho, but the ad seemed to be written just for me,” LiCalzi recalled. “After applying, I got a call from Kerry Hunter. He told me ‘This is a teacher’s paradise.’ I thought he was a little crazy — and 25 years later I still do — but he was correct.”

When asked what kept him at the College for so long, LiCalzi was quick with a joke as usual: “I followed my father’s advice: find an inside job with no heavy lifting.”

LiCalzi was joined in his 25 years by Bev Robinson, currently executive assistant to the athletic director. Encouraged to apply to the College by a friend’s wife who also worked at the College at the time, she saw an opportunity to put her love of lifelong learning into her career path. Beyond her time in the athletic department, she has also worked as an executive administrative assistant for the Dean’s office, which she counts as one of her favorite memories at the College.

“I would give out bags of candy or chocolate to the department that handed in their syllabi first,” she said. “Jasper LiCalzi and Kerry Hunter used to just about run to the office with theirs, and then ask ‘Are we the first?’ waiting for their candy.”

For Robinson, staying at the College for as long as she has is due in part to the people who have joined her along the way.

“I love the people,” Robinson said. “The staff, students and faculty, and being able to continue to learn. I’ve been blessed to be able to work with so many wonderful people. The students help keep a person young.”

A full list of honorees can be found listed below. Congratulations and thank you to all our honorees on their long service to the College!

30 years: Kerry Hunter

25 years: Jasper LiCalzi, Bev Robinson

20 years: James Dull, Allan Laird, Ignacio Martinez, Amy Truksa

15 years: Deb Yates

10 years: Megan Dixon, Tammy Harris, Cynthia Mauzerall, Derek Riggs, Justin Waldron, Dayle Winbigler

5 years: Sergio Aranguiz, Thom Baker, Zachary Barclay, Rich Castro, Kyle Cheesewright, Jennie Daniels, John Danielson, Scott Garson, Heidi Jewell, Nancy Johnson-Cassulo, Cara Laney-Thede, Lance McGrath, Mike Moroski, Richard Pelkey, Orrie Rodriguez, Joy Rodina, Brian Schweiger, Tim Streight, Kevin Talbert, Sharla Van Horne, Barbie Vander Boegh

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