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June 8, 2022
Natalie Wight Image
  • Congratulations to Natalie Wight '96 for her nomination by the President of the United States to serve as U.S. Attorney for the District of Oregon. Once confirmed, she would serve as the top federal prosecutor in the state. Wight graduated from the College with a degree in biology before going into law and has been working for the U.S. Department of Justice since 2003. (
Marie Osborn at 2022 Commencement
  • While Baisden celebrated as a 17-year-old, Marie Osborn - now in her 90s - also celebrated at Commencement after receiving an honorary degree from the College. As Idaho's first licensed Nurse Practitioner (NP), it'll be difficult to calculate her impact but this long-form TV feature helps explain what makes Osborn so special to the College - and to Idaho in general. (KTVB-TV)
Reagan Rossi