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January 7, 2021
Elizabeth Wakeman
  • Dr. Elizabeth Wakeman, a long-time professor of religion and philosophy at the College, is a member of a COVID-19 advisory board. Her work with that board became part of this story that appeared in many media circles, including NBC News.
  • Another faculty member, Dr. Katie Devine, a physics professor, contributed her thoughts to this story about the Christmas Star, the rare alignment of planets Jupiter and Saturn in the sky in December. (Argus Observer)
  • Kristine McDivitt Tompkins '72, the co-founder of Pategonia Clothing, dedicates her time to conservationalism and environmental preservation. This report says her work is "considered the most ambitious of its kind in the Americas." (CGTN America)
  • Dean Buffington '63 recently passed away. He had long served as the chairman of the Endowment Fund Investment Board. Idaho Governor Brad Little, who appoints the chairman of that board, offered his condolences. (Idaho Press)
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