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Information for Clubs

Starting a New Club

If you don't find a club that matches your interests, new clubs are welcome! To start a new club you must have:

  • A faculty or staff advisor
  • A minimum of five student members
  • A completed club registration form
  • A club Constitution
  • Completed mandatory officer training for the president and treasurer provided by the Office of Student Involvement

Registering an Existing Club

Clubs and organizations are required to register each year to be recognized by the College and ASCI Senate. To be registered, you will need a completed club registration form and a Constitution that is no more than three years old. The club president and treasurer must also attend a mandatory officer training provided by the Office of Student Involvement.

Registering as a Club Sport

In addition to the requirements for any club (listed above), any club that is considered a sport also requires a volunteer coach on record who has experience in the sport and can teach students proper form and technique. Please provide a completed volunteer coaching form with your registration materials.

Planning an Event

The College will only officially recognize student organization events that are fully registered. The following general criteria must be met to register an event:

  • Student event space is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Special Events & Conference Services should be contacted to reserve the necessary facilities and equipment.
  • An Event Registration Form needs to be filled out and submitted to the Office of Student Involvement at least two weeks in advance for all student-sponsored events.

Details regarding "Registered Campus Events" can be obtained from the Student Handbook. All members and officers of student organizations are expected to comply with the policies in the Handbook.