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Staff & Contributors

Leadership & Management

Bill Clark, Director

Danielle Lewis, Museum Assistant

Museum Staff & Contributors

Museum Contributors

Geri Van Curen, Gift Shop Manager
Jan Summers Duffy, Facebook Administrator
Billie Ann Farley, Outreach Specialist
Dr. Dawn E. Janney, Webmistress


Dr. Craig R. Baird, Curator of Entomology
Dr. Paul Castrovillo, Curator of Lepidoptera
Dr. Patrick F. Fields, Curator of Paleontology, Research Associate of Paleobotany
Dr. Alan R. Gillogly, Curator of Entomology
Dr. Dawn Janney, Curator of Mineralogy  
Dr. James B. (Ding) Johnson, Curator of Entomology
Dr. Kaitlin Maguire, Curator of Paleontology
Dr. James K. Ryan, Curator of Entomology
Dr. Gerald R. Smith, Curator of Fossil Fishes
Dr. David Ward, Jr., Curator of Entomology
Dr. Eric Yensen, Curator of Mammals
Dr. Donald W. Zaroban, Curator of Fishes and Collection Manager of Herpetology
Stephen H. Bouffard, Curator of Birds
Nathan E. Carpenter, Curator of the Evans Gem & Mineral Collections; Curator of Paleontology
William H. Clark, Museum Director and Curator of Invertebrates
Janet L. Summers Duffy, Curator of Archaeology & Egyptology
Howard Emry, Curator of Paleontology
Bill Nance, Curator of Ethnography
Amy Dolan, Curator of Entomology

Museum Assistants, Associates & Coordinators

Dr. Ron Bitner, Research Associate of Entomology
Dr. Paul Blom, Research Associate Entomology
Dr. Barbara Ertter, Research Associate
Dr. Sean Farley, Research Associate of Mammalogy
Dr. David H. Greegor, Jr., Research Associate
Dr. Julia T. Sankey, Research Associate
Dr. Ralph F. Stearley, Research Associate of Paleontology
Dr. Chris Walser, Associate Curator of Fishes
Kinga Britschgi, Tour Coordinator and Research Associate
Mary Clark, Curatorial Assistant of Entomology
Steve Bouffard, Librarian
Wayne Lewis, Librarian

James Pike, Research Associate
Richard A. Salisbury, Associate Curator of Mollusca
Teresa Tarifa, Research Associate of Mammals
Leland Thames, Facilities

Student Assistants

Neal Baronian
Storie O’Brien
Moses Nyirakomini
Anna Chase
Andras Britschgi
Martha Jaimes

Rebecca Mills
Hailey Palmer
Regan Moore
Aurora Cossairt

Standing Committees

LIBRARY COMMITTEE: Nate Carpenter (Chair); Wayne Lewis, Library Director; Stephen H. Bouffard; William Clark

EXHIBIT COMMITTEE: Jan Summers Duffy (Chair); William Clark; Geri Van Curen; Howard Emry; Dr. Patrick Fields; Dr. Eric Yensen; Danielle Lewis

EVANS GEM AND MINERAL COLLECTIONS COMMITTEE: Nate Carpenter (Chair); William Clark; Howard Emry; Dr. Barbara Ertter; Dr. Dawn Janney; Wayne Lewis; Dr. James K. Ryan; Dr. David Ward

WEB PAGE COMMITTEE: Dr. Dawn E. Janney (Webmistress/Publisher); Dr. Paul Blom (Editor); William Clark (Reviewer)