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Master of Education: Curriculum & Instruction

The Master of Education: Curriculum & Instruction program, consisting of 36 credits with concentrations in Bilingual Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, prepares already-certified teachers to effectively educate culturally and linguistically diverse students in a variety of classroom contexts. Successful completion of the program fulfills the Idaho State Department of Education requirements for a K-12 endorsement in English as a new language (ENL). An additional six upper-division credits in Spanish and at least one credit of practicum in a K-12 bilingual setting will meet the requirements for an additional endorsement in bilingual education. The program aims to provide significant theoretical perspectives from the research literature surrounding second language acquisition and educational model designs, while maintaining a strong focus on classroom practice and application.

Requirements for Admission to the MEd Program

  • Official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended.
  • 3.0 or higher GPA in the most recent 30 credits.
  • Completed application form (online).
  • An essay describing your beliefs about teaching/learning and your reasons for wishing to enroll in the MEd program.
  • The email addresses of two individuals who can speak to your ability to be successful in a graduate program and your effectiveness as a teacher. Possible references could be from a principal with whom you have worked, one of your college professors, or a colleague. Using the addresses provided, the Education Department will send these individuals a recommendation form to complete.

The information listed above should be submitted electronically or mailed to: Education Department, The College of Idaho, 2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell, ID 83605-4432. The online application can be found here. See the Graduate Catalog for information about financial aid for graduate students.

Requirements for Graduation

To earn an MEd degree at The College of Idaho, a candidate’s graduate coursework must be completed with a grade of “B” or better. Graduates of the program are required to complete a thesis approved by a thesis committee and the department chair. All coursework and the thesis must be completed within five years of matriculation into the program. Candidates must be continually enrolled while completing the program. If all coursework has been completed except the thesis, the candidate must enroll in EDU-681 Thesis Completion each term until the thesis has been accepted by the thesis committee and the department chair. The responsibility rests with candidates to see that their program of study satisfies all of the requirements.

Course Requirements

The following is the cycle of required courses for the MEd degree:

Year 1

Spring Cohort Start

EDU-501 Teaching in a Diverse Society (3 cr)

EDU-502 Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual & ESL Education (3cr) EDUSPA-101 Spanish for Educators I (1 cr)


EDU-505 ESL and Bilingual Methods (3 cr)

EDU-504 Multicultural Literature for Children and Adolescents (3 cr)

EDU-612 Research Methods and Design (3 cr)

Year 2


EDU-503 Second Language Acquisition Theory and Practice (3 cr)

EDU-598/599 Practicum (1-3cr) Field Experience (1 cr) bilingual endorsement only

EDU-698 MEd Seminar (1 cr)

EDUSPA-102 Spanish for Educators II (1 cr)


EDU-512 Linguistics (3 cr)

EDUSPA-103 Spanish for Educators III (2 cr)

EDU-698 MEd Seminar (1 cr)


EDU-513 Curriculum Design (3 cr)

EDU-634 Current Trends in Education (3 cr)

EDU-698 MEd Seminar (1 cr)