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Develop the professional knowledge, interpersonal skills, and ethical values needed to succeed in a diverse, technology-driven world.

This program will challenge you to:

  • Take part in hands-on projects in our community.
  • Build connections with accomplished alumni and local leaders.
  • Partner with professional mentors.
  • Go beyond the classroom to prepare you for leadership in a local or global business environment.
Humanities & Fine Arts Social Sciences & History Natural Sciences & Mathematics Professional Studies & Enhancements
Accounting Major (150 Hours)

Peaks this program fulfills

  • Professional Studies & Enhancements

This program requires additional coursework above and beyond regular graduation requirements. The 150 hours fulfill the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) minimum study requirements to obtain a CPA license. Completion of this program does not guarantee licensure since AICPA requires additional work and certification.

Courses and Requirements

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60 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Major Requirements

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ECN-200 Principles of Economics 3 credits
MAT-125 Data Analysis and Statistics 3 credits
MAT-212 Multiple Regression Analysis 3 credits
MAT-150 Applied Calculus: a Modeling Approach 4 credits


Accounting Courses

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ACC-221 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACC-222 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
ACC-318 Intermediate Accounting I 3 credits
ACC-320 Intermediate Accounting II 3 credits
ACC-423 Auditing 3 credits
ACC-424 Tax Accounting I 3 credits


Upper division electives (6 credits):

Complete 2 upper-division (300- or 400-level) electives in related Accounting topics, which may include the following (or others with Departmental approval).

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
ACC-330 Accounting Information Systems 3 credits
ACC-425 Tax Accounting II 3 credits
ACC-427 Cost Accounting 3 credits
ACC-429 Advanced Accounting 3 credits


Business Courses

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
BUS-100 Introduction to Business 3 credits
BUS-150 Business Computer Applications 3 credits
BUS-225 Principles of Management 3 credits
BUS-330 Principles of Finance 3 credits
BUS-360 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
BUS-391 Legal Environment 3 credits
BUS-497 Internship 1-6 credits
ACC-497 Internship 1-6 credits


In exceptional cases, BUS-494 or ACC-494 Independent Study may be substituted for BUS-497 or ACC-497 Internship (with department permission).


Quantitative Courses

Complete 1 of the following quantitative courses:

Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
BUS-350 Management Science 3 credits
BUS-453 Principles of Productions and Operations Management 3 credits



Course ID Course Name Number of Credits
BUS-492 Business and Accounting Capstone: Junior Year Experience 1 credits
BUS-493 Business and Accounting Capstone:Senior Seminar 2 credits


It is expected that students will take five years to complete the Accounting (150 Hours) program.  Students choosing this major must complete at least 150 credit hours to graduate, including 74 credits outside of the Business and Accounting Department. 


Students may not earn both the Business Administration Major and the Accounting (150 Hours) Major.



Accounting majors must take both BUS-492 Business and Accounting Capstone: Junior Experience (1 credit, concurrent with BUS-497 or ACC-497 Internship) in their junior year and BUS-493 Business and Accounting Capstone: Senior Seminar in their senior year (final semester preferred).