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Why Study Psychology at The College of Idaho?

College of Idaho students regularly work with faculty members on psychology research, such as a National Science Foundation-funded project investigating memory and attention. Psychology students at the College often present their findings at local, regional, and national research conferences.

Major & Minor

Career Opportunities for Psychology Majors and Minors

A psychology major or minor enables you to acquire skills valued in a wide range of professions. For those wishing to pursue a career requiring graduate education in psychology, The College of Idaho’s faculty will advise you on your options for graduate school opportunities, pursuing a career in research or applied psychology, and your ultimate goals. An understanding of psychology can also help a business owner know how to deal with customer complaints, help teachers provide classroom experiences that maximize learning, train medical personnel to understand ways to help patients' comply with prescriptive advice, and provide actors and writers with a better understanding of the foibles of human (mis)behavior.

The Parent & Baby Project