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Gipson Honors Program

Gipson Honors students are outstanding individuals who have demonstrated broad intellectual curiosity and a developed aptitude for academic leadership. The Gipson Honors Program offers these select students guided opportunities for leadership development, academic growth, and professional preparation.  Admission to the Gipson Honors Program is by invitation only.  Honors students at the College of Idaho are named either Gipson Fellows or Heritage Scholars.  Continue reading for more information about these prestigious scholarships.

Gipson Fellowship

Gipson Fellows at the College of Idaho participate in rich programming and a close-knit community.  Benefits of the Gipson Fellowship include:

  • Regular gathering of Gipson Fellows, including special workshops on grants and fellowship awards, gatherings of visiting scholars and dignitaries, and fun and interesting social events focusing on the activities and achievements of upper-class Fellows.
  • Individual attention and advising, including a dedicated academic advisor, access to advanced level courses and research opportunities, and special notice of available scholarships and fellowships.
  • Individual, guided assistance with portfolio preparation in the junior/senior years, including personalized preparation for post-graduate awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, and National Science Foundation awards.

The Program is named for a former College of Idaho professor and author, Lawrence Henry Gipson, who was both Idaho's first Rhodes Scholar and a member of the very first class of Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University. He went on to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize in history. Today, the Gipson family continues its tradition of distinguished leadership at C of I and beyond. The Gipson Honors Program seeks to advance this legacy of academic leadership and professional excellence.  

To learn more about the Gipson Honors program, click here.

Heritage Scholarship

The Heritage Scholarship provides full-tuition scholarships to highly qualified students with exceptional intellectual ability. Holders of the scholarship are expected to demonstrate both the qualities of mind and the qualities of person that will allow a student to flourish in C of I's rigorous but community-oriented academic environment and in the challenging world beyond college.

The Heritage Scholarship is about more than free tuition, maintaining a certain Grade-Point Average (GPA), and demonstrating an active participation in the College community. In addition to receiving the College’s highest scholarship award, Heritage Scholarship recipients are also members of the Gipson Honors Program, with all of the advantages that the Gipson Honors Program delivers to the College’s leading students. Heritage Scholarship applicants should examine the more detailed description of the Gipson Honors Program, which includes special honors academic programming; a dedicated Gipson Honors program director and academic advisor; events with the president and other academic officers of the College; and additional guaranteed venture funding to support creative projects, internships, research work, off-campus study, study-abroad programs, or other experiences that advance each student’s professional growth.

The full-tuition Heritage Scholar scholarship—wedded to the additional benefits of the Gipson Honors Program—is delivered in an intimate, cohesive community of about sixty high-achieving students. These various benefits make the Heritage Scholarship the most valuable academic award available to the most successful and ambitious students in the State of Idaho.

Not all members of the Gipson Honors Program earn the prestigious Heritage Scholarship.  To learn more about the Heritage Scholarship, click here.

For questions about admission to the Program, please contact your admission counselor.