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Getting involved in activities on campus and the community is easy here. The diverse array of activities going on all the time at our small and supportive campus make student clubs the perfect place to share interests, take on leadership roles, and learn from your fellow Yotes.

Find a club or two that interests you, and contact their representative to get involved!

Student Clubs & Organizations


Our mission is to be a force to unite Africans, friends, relatives, and other members of the community through information interchange which involved groundbreaking seminars, workshop and activities that will provide a forum for intellectual growth in terms of understanding black culture, history, and heritage.

Contact: Thandiswa Mdululi

Association of Latino Americano Students (ALAS)

The purpose of this organization is: (1) to incorporate a mentoring program in order to mentor incoming members through their first couple of years of college; (2) to bring together resources on language, culture, and travel; (3) to become an informative center, exchanging information between the students of this college and the outside community on Hispanic matters; and (4) to raise funds for activities and to participate in cultural events related to Hispanic culture on campus and off-campus.

Contact: Jayleen Saucedo

Alpine Club

This organization will serve to increase awareness, involvement, and availability to alpine-related activities at The College of Idaho. This includes bouldering, sport climbing, indoor climbing, and mountaineering.

Contact: Kyra Geissler

American Sign Language Club

This organization will serve to foster the learning of American Sign Language and will promote the achievement of the organization's goals.

Contact: Tony Pelayo

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is The College of Idaho’s humanitarian club. This club will serve to foster awareness about human rights abuses around the globe to the students through campus activism. “We work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth, and dignity are denied. Amnesty International is a global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people – no matter who they are or where they are.” -Amnesty International

Contact: Shweta Nikalje


Cabaret is a group of volunteer students to practice Improvisational/Sketch Theatre. Our purpose is to have fun and aim at becoming stronger improvisational actors while providing the public with entertaining, hilarious, and thought-provoking performances.

Contact: Lily Kennedy

Catholic Yotes

The purpose of this organization is to foster a community of Catholicism on campus. You do not need to be Catholic in order to join. Weekly Mass on campus, bible studies, and fellowship also included.

Contact: Keegan Harris

Chic Boutique

Chic Boutique is a student-initiated FREE second-hand store at The College of Idaho. We collect donations from students, faculty members, staff, or any donor that might know of us and offers them for free to students on campus in need of clothing and/or school supplies. We also aim to support incoming freshmen who might need these supplies as they start their college careers. Other than doing openings for students to collect free clothes and supplies, we organize an annual fashion show where students and faculty members get to walk down the runway and perform acts while wearing donated outfits because we all know that you can still dress sustainable AND look chic.

Contact: Jad Jabareen

Cooking Club

This organization’s purpose is to foster peoples’ love of cooking.

Contact: Patrick Mark

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club has the goal of creating a space that fosters expression, creativity, and cooperation with fellow writers.

Contact: Thomas Olson

Dance Club

This organization will provide opportunities for College of Idaho students of all levels of dance experience to learn various forms of dance and perform staff and student choreographed pieces. This is not related to the College's Purple Illusion dance team.

Contact: Mungo Ligoya

Delta Tau Delta

Committed to Lives of Excellence.

Contact: Triden Mitchell

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

This organization will serve to create a respectful environment of student-athlete fellowship at The College of Idaho. It will serve to invoke thoughtful conversations and encourage a positive mindset in and around all sports and aspects of competition. FCA’s mission is “to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church,” and our vision is “to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.”

Contact: Josh Fritz

Gender-Sexuality Campus Alliance (GSCA)

The College of Idaho GSCA is for College of Idaho students from all genders and sexualities – including those with no identification – who want to learn more about gender and sexuality, make new friends, and contribute to a more compassionate and understanding campus community.

Contact: Janderin Diaz Hernandez

Greek Council

Strengthening Greek relations, improving the community, and providing a device to member organizations to secure their place as leaders of the college community.

Contact: Madison Najima

Interfaith Council

The College of Idaho Interfaith Council is for C of I students from all faith and philosophical traditions – including those with no religious affiliation – who want to learn more about faith and religion, make new friends, and contribute to creating a more compassionate and understanding world community.

Contact: Yassir Mushir

International Indoor Soccer Club

The purpose of this club is to promote multicultural interaction and camaraderie through soccer.

Contact: Hari Tamang

International Student Organization (ISO)

ISO aims to be the center of representation, community, awareness, care, and support system for international students at The College of Idaho. It brings international and domestic students to common grounds through events to discuss diversity, inclusion, culture. As well as to improve understanding and cultural communication.

Contact: Jad Jabareen

Killer Coyotes

This organization will serve to broaden and expand upon a shared interest in horror movies, books, and experiences.

Contact: Keegan Harris



Contact: Paul Moulton

Math Club

This organization will serve as a place for all students interested in mathematics and physics to come together to celebrate and investigate the subject.

Contact: Nick Lotspeich


This organization will prepare students for success when taking the MCAT by providing resources, tips, group study sessions, and guidance.

Contact: Kevin Bui

Museum & Friends

This organization will serve to promote the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History and inform College of Idaho students of opportunities with the museum such as research, volunteering, events, etc.

Contact: Courtney Covolo

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)

The Society is a leadership honor society with a threefold purpose: (1) to recognize individuals who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate and/or community activities and to encourage them to aspire to higher achievements; (2) to bring together the most representative individuals in all phases of collegiate life and, thus, to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; and (3) to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution, as well as other Society members, on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness.

Contact: Montana Milton

ONE Campus

ONE Campus:

ONE is a global movement campaigning to end extreme poverty and preventable disease by 2030. We believe the fight against poverty is not about charity, but about justice and equality. As a ONE Campus Chapter, we will mobilize college students in the fight against extreme poverty and spread awareness on campus as well as on Social Media. We will collaborate with other regional ONE chapters in Idaho and attend as well as organize events on and off campus to spread awareness to empower, mobilize, and educate people and lobby political leaders.

Contact: Sophie Trobitzsch

Pre-Health Professionals Club

The College of Idaho Pre-Health Professions Club provides students at C of I the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of career-oriented events, build relationships with medical professionals, and acquire the necessary experience needed to prepare for their desired medical profession. The College's Pre-Health Professions Club values human life, humanitarian deeds, and the sciences, together embodying the liberal arts ideals.

Contact: Shanaya Fox

Relay for Life

This organization will serve to fundraise for cancer awareness and cancer treatments. We want to provide awareness and education for our peers as well as the community.

Contact: Reannon Suzuki

Scarlet Masque

The Scarlet Masque organization will serve to foster independent exploration and development in the area of theatre arts. This can include but is not limited to: performances of one-act plays, original works, one-person showcases, Senior Projects, improvisation evets, etc. Funds may be available to help with expenses of these events through Scarlet Masque.

Contact: Mike Hartwell

Sigma Epsilon

The purpose of Sigma Epsilon Sorority is to promote friendship and sisterhood, the strength of character, academic excellence, clean sportsmanship in all college activities, social activities, and health, both moral and physical.

Contact: Kirtan Pun

Stocks & Investing Club

This group will educate members on the stock market with an emphasis on statistical analysis and derivatives.  Simulated money will be used as a metric to track the progress of club members.

Contact: Kevin Bui

The Environmental Resource & Recreation Association (TERRA)

TERRA is The College of Idaho’s environmental club. We focus on educating the campus about environmental issues through campus-wide events and programs. Through a proactive hands-on approach TERRA also works to raise awareness to incrementally change practices and to promote a greener present and future.

Contact: Santosh Acharaya

Wizarding Chess Club

This organization is a safe and fun place for people to have fun and learn how to play chess, along with tutoring others how to play the game. "Wizarding" Chess Club also has Harry Potter-themed events and activities.

Contact: Lyudmila Stefanova

Yotes Tradition Council

The purpose of this club is to teach students about the College's rich history and diverse traditions and establish lifelong relationships with the college. We aim to foster tradition and pride, promote and inspire class unity, offer opportunities for direct communication between students and alumni, educate students about our institutional strengths and challenges in preparation for their lifelong role as alumni, heighten student awareness of resources available to them after they leave college, and keep young alumni engaged and connected to the College after graduation. We support the college with our time, talent, financial resources, and strive to learn more about traditions and how we can maintain them in years to come. Some of our core messages to students include helping understand the value of their degree, preserving the college experience for future students, how students can help the college meet its challenges as an institution, learning the history of the college, and sustaining The College of Idaho’s excellence.

Contact: Lauren Kirk