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Once a Thespian, Always a Thespian

The C of I theatre department has became a second family to me. I encountered an abundance of spectacular opportunities within the department, including the opportunity to attend the weeklong Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival. Not ready to put my theatrical duties on the shelf for summer vacation, I have returned to the Sixth Street Theatre stage for my third summer season.

No Monsters, Only Memories

"We're cleaning out all the closets on Friday," my father proclaimed one evening last week. And when he said all the closets, he was including mine, and there was no way I was getting out of it. Talking my father out of anything when he gets an idea in his head is nigh impossible, and I wasn't about to attempt to do so now. I wasn't looking forward to the task of sifting through whatever lurked inside a storage space I hadn't thoroughly cleaned in years, especially since I knew I had work later on in the day...but as it turns out, father really does know best.

Hello From Oregon

This is my very first blog post ever, so I might as well say something about myself. I live about 7 hours from campus, in a small town between Mt. Hood and Portland, Oregon. This summer, I have a job working for a local farm, selling berries and other fruit at Portland area Farmer’s Markets. This job is really great because I get to eat fruit and talk to people all day. I also get to see, firsthand, that Fred Armisen’s Portlandia is almost entirely accurate. At least of the people who shop at Farmer’s Markets. 

First Summer in ID

June has been my month of firsts. Although I have already spent 3 years at C of I and am about to enter into my senior year, there are a lot of things that I had not discovered until the end of last month. The first new experience for me is that I am still in America. This may seem strange, but I have never spent a summer in the U.S., preferring normally to fly home to Australia. However, the cold winter months of June and July in Australia did not seem appealing this year (the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere) as I was sick of living in an eternal winter.

Heavy Summer Reading

It’s mid-July, and school won't start for another month and a half. But in the spirit of speeding up the clock and getting started, I’ve ordered my textbooks and am watching them slowly appear in boxes and padded envelopes on my doorstep.

Allow Me to Introduce You to My Good Friend, Me

Hey there!  I am new to the Student Experience blog, so here is a list of Mariah-isms and fun facts (in no particular order) to get us acquainted:

How to see campus in a different light

So all day yesterday, I was tramping around campus with my camera, and all I did was shoot panoramas. I took nearly 1,000 odd photos, which were stitched up into 4 good panoramas, and a few absolutely horrid ones. I just started taking panoramas, inspired by the work of Jan Boles, who is the campus archivist/historian. You can see his work at

So here are the panoramas:


View from The Hat along Cleveland Avenue.

Got Introductions?

You know how Lao-tzu said "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"? Well, the journey of a student experience blogger here at The College of Idaho is kind of like that, since our journeys start with a single introductory post. Sure, such a post might not be anywhere close to as deep or complex as ancient Chinese philosophy, but come on, a guy can dream, can't he?

Getting Started (Extra) Early

We’re just a little bit past the halfway mark for heading back to school. On Wednesday, I got emails from the school confirming my room assignment, meal plan, and listing move in dates. I actually get to move in a few days before the regularly scheduled date because my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, gets together in the days before school to start working on formal recruitment, which happens a few weeks into school.

Meet Me at the Center of the Earth

Dear Yoties -- Boise may not have the art scene of LA, New York, or Paris. But that’s not to say we’re an artistic desert.  If you want evidence that Boise’s sense of culture is alive and well, all you need to do is head downtown on the first Thursday of each month.